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The Path To Success Online Program for Teens
Explore The Path To Success

The Path To Success online programs are especially aimed at students who are preparing for their transition exams and beyond

Exploring The Path To Success online program is a 360 degree intense whistle stop tour of every program in the suite. 

This modular program is intended to give all participants a real world, practical and relevant approach to creating their own Path To Success while developing the leadership they need.
Learners and Leaders

The the amalgamation of many smaller successes shapes a learner into a self-motivated leader who is willing to assist others on their Path To Success

Working on these areas gives teens a more tangible and achievable vision of the future. Making improvements in their knowledge and understanding no matter how big or small, is what that is needed to encourage your teen to keep going. 

Let your teen become a leader who empowers other leaders to be a success!
What to expect
The Path To Success Books

In this series of 5 books students learn how to address their limiting beliefs and prepare for the success they create. This is what makes these books and online programs an undeniable self-motivating path creator to building a life, career and future that teens can be proud of.

Celebrating their wins and helping them to improve in areas of development will help move them forward in their studies and their career choice. We must be prepared to build the leader, enable the leader and encourage the leader if we want to see the leader within them. 
How do the programs work?

These online programs are not your typical study skills/intervention program. The Path To Success is geared to accelerate student achievement. Here's how it works;
  1. Select the program that's right for you
  2. Access the online platform
  3. Participate in tutorials regularly
  4. Attend one to one coaching 
  5. Complete personal progress activities
Student participation is paramount to the level of transformation experienced. That's why we've made it so easy for students to engage in this fully personlised program.
The Path To Success Programs

These online programs have been created by OVP Coaching with a student centred prospective at the heart of each activity.

Each program fully engages students and produces rapid results, embedding the skills and tools they need to succeed. This experience will transform their limiting beliefs into positive habits of excellence. 

Of course success is dependent on many factors including the willingness of the student. As we know our actions bring consequences but focus and responsibility ensure victory. 
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The Path To Success - Complete collection
What do our students say about the programs;

"I felt really proud of myself after completing the program. I created my own success statement. It was so powerful that it gave me confidence and continues to help me with everyday"
- Year 11 student

"This program opened my mind to new ways of approaching things I was struggling with. I don't usually like opening up about things but the one to one coaching sessions really helped with that"
- Year 9 student

"Since the program I’ve become a lot more confident and it’s really helped me become less stressed about school. I know how to deal with my stress now. Coaching is more than just having a chat with someone, it can help you with academic stuff, assessing how well your doing in subjects subjects and how you can improve all of that" - Year 10 student
The Path To Success Program Suite
There is a lot of worry and uncertainty about what will happen next as covid-19 restriction continues cause confusion across the UK. Schools have been hard hit by these restrictions. With class bubbles, staggered social times etc students and parents have been very anxious about the possibility of contracting and passing on the virus.

2020 saw the closure of schools and the cancellation of exams. Students of 2021 and beyond will experience an education gap that is at the widest it has been for decades and there is little confidence that the current exam system will be a fair way of testing in future. Is it time for the education system to be redesigned? Whatever your view the future of today's young people is at stake. The most effective way to see our students through these difficult times is to give them the support they need both academically and emotionally. 
Parent concerns
The Path To Success programs assist students to get the right balance and structure to cope with the workload, expectations and maintain a positive wellbeing. Self-esteem plus self-leadership is the best guarantee for great results
"What I loved about this program for my kids was the fact that they gained confidence in themselves and their school work and were really motivated throughout"
~ F.Afzal - West Midlands
What do parents have to say about OVP Coaching?
School was ready to give up on me. I didn’t make things easy for myself but I knew I could turn things around with this information. I’m now in 6th form and doing really well. If it wasn’t for life coaching, who knows where I would be
GCSE student
Since the program I’ve become a lot more confident and it’s really helped me become less stressed about school. I know how to deal with my stress now. Coaching is more than just having a chat with someone, it can help you with academic stuff, assessing how well your doing in subjects subjects and how you can improve all of that
Deputy Head - West Sussex
The program has had a massive impact on our students. They have improved their academic progress, overcome exam anxiety and improved their overall wellbeing. It’s also been great to receive positive feedback from parents who have told us how much of an improvement they’ve seen in their child’s progress
See true success stories
This is a fantastic resource for kids and adults and a handbook to live by. A must read for every parent. Would highly recommend.
Of course success is dependent on many factors, including but not limited to; attitude to learning, being mentally present during times of learning as well as having a passion for reaching their true potential. These are just a few of the limiting factors that OVP Coaching has been very successful in helping their students to overcome. Have a look at what some of our clients and students had to say about us and our programs
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